RISE for Boys and Men of Color

RISE Pledge

Building a National Network of Individuals and Organizations to Advance the RISE Principles

I/we commit to improving the lives, experiences, and outcomes of boys and men of color in the United States by adopting and advancing the RISE Principles. I/we will strategically partner with RISE by changing the narrative about Asian American and Pacific Islander, Black, Latino, and Native American boys and men. Furthermore, I/we will use evidence for action, engage actively with networks of committed others, and learn from and help widely disseminate evidence of policies, practices, approaches, and conditions that have been proven to positively affect boys and men of color, enhance their families and communities, and strengthen organizations and efforts that aim to effectively serve them.


If you are taking the RISE pledge on behalf of your organization, please tell us a bit about your organization’s mission, target population(s), and activities: